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Rest in His presence

Our time alone with God is precious and He wants to meet with YOU, and make you whole in His presence.

When the pandemic hit, I was full so fearful and worried. We have never experienced such a global effect like this and I was worried about my loved ones and as the daily figures kept rising so did my anxiety.

It was then it felt as if the Lord held me tight and I heard 'Just Pray and talk to me.' I did just that, at first I did not know what to say but just had to be honest about how I was feeling and then the Holy Spirit kept reminding me of powerful scriptures such as Psalms 91 and Isaiah 43.

As I began reading these scriptures and meditating on them the fear and the anxiety Could no longer have an effect.
After a period of fasting the Lord pressed on my heart to make candles, not just any candles but devotional candles, with his word. He wants the word to be in our homes because just as lighting a candle can change the ambience of any room so can his Word.

Wearing the word is just as impactful because we can regularly be reminded that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength and that we are empowered with his Word.

In his presence there is truly fullness of joy, spending time alone is important and should be a time of relaxation, reflection and intimacy with God.

Every devotion should be an experience! Your time alone with God is special and our product range allows you to create an atmosphere where intimacy is at the heart of your devotional time.

You can illuminate the Word with a candle, wear a comfy lounge tee, and drink your coffee from our classy mugs while having your alone time with God.

Everything changes in his presence!